How ezCater Engineers Deploy to Kubernetes

Working at ezCater is an unbelievable opportunity to witness scaling close up. Requests, transactions, revenue, it’s hard to find something not going up and to the right. That’s great, but in each area of growth requires figuring out how to scale it.

The Hardest Thing to Scale

The particular metric that was keeping me up at night was the “number of engineers trying to work together in harmony”. Ten, twenty, forty engineers are simply different scales and they require different systems to ensure things move smoothly. But how would we even describe a “happily scaling” organization from a developer productivity standpoint?

Tom Petr addresses this in his slides on Maximizing Developer Productivity in a Microservices Environment. This presentation shows the KPIs & shape of the curves I want for our organization.

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We’re always looking for highly skilled full stack and iOS engineers to help execute our technology goals while riding this rocket ship of growth. Our people are terrifically talented straight-shooters who love what they do. And everyone is generous and kind, too — we have a strict no jerk policy.

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