Prediction of Lifetime Value / LTV (Part 1)

It begins: The promotion 

5_dollars_off_copy.jpgYou’re a SaaS business. You've been acquiring customers and on average they're worth about X. Somebody clever suggests a promotion, "$5off your first order". 

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Tags: machine learning, ltv, growth

ezCater devs weigh in on women in Boston tech

Our own Kristen Kehlenbeck & Hillary Bauer were featured in How do we get more women in Boston tech? 6 female coders weigh in on BuiltInBoston

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Tags: women_in_tech, ezcater

Macgyver-ing for Marketers: How to Blow Minds with the Power of Hubspot Integrations

Prepare to have you mind expanded as you follow Jeff and Sam through a tour of the magic that can happen when you combine Slack, Zapier, Stitch, Redshift and more with workflows and the Hubspot APIs.

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Tags: data warehousing, redshift, hubspot

Measuring AB Tests: SQL for p-value graphs in Redshift

So, in deciding when an AB test is actionable using p-value graphs we saw some cool charts that looked like:

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Tags: experiments, data warehousing, redshift, sql

Deciding When to Call an AB Test: p-value Graphs

So, you've read about how to get your event data in Redshift, you've read about the experiment exposure event, you've got your AB test ready to run, now... how do you decide if you've got a winner?

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Tags: experiments

AB Testing at ezCater Part 2: Tracking Experiments & The Exposure Event

What events should I fire to track an experiment?

A fabulous question and one with a number of different answers. During my travels I've found that there are 4 basic ways to try and tackle the problem

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Tags: experiments

AB Testing at ezCater Part 1: Event Taxonomy & Warehousing

Experiments! AB tests! On one hand it seems like everybody's doing it and on the other hand I regularly get the impression that a lot of people have found it to be more cumbersome than it’s worth. Worse, some blog posts I see imply that it’s leading folks down a path of micro-optimizations based on totally insignificant amounts of data. So what does it look like to have an AB testing framework that actually works?

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Tags: experiments, data warehousing

Zero to Production - Part 1: Architecture

We started the ezCater iOS app in August 2016. We had a basic working API, an opportunity to build an app from scratch, and six engineers ready to do it. Right on time, four months later, we launched our first iOS app. Within hours, we had a brand new customer successfully place an order.

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